Spray Tan Prep

Steps before & after


Prior to your spray tan

DO exfoliate the night before.
DO all hair removal the day before.
DO remove all make-up before your spray tan.
DO NOT exfoliate the morning of your spray tan.
DO NOT use an exfoliant containing oils.
DO NOT wax on the day of your spray tan.
DO NOT apply Perfume or deodorant before your spray tan.

After your spray tan

DO keep your spray tan well moisturised after you shower.
DO NOT do any sport or activity where you perspire for the next 6-8 hours.
DO NOT swim in a chlorinated pool if you want your tan to last.
The chlorine will strip your tan completely.
DO NOT take long showers or use soap products as this can also remove your tan.

If you follow these steps you will have optimum results and will extend the longevity of your tan.